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Welcome to gridX's Security Portal.

Our customers trust us with a crucial part of their business in a very sensitive and regulated area. We understand that if our services are unreachable, your company’s success might be affected. Consequently, we aim to go beyond industry best practices and be transparent about the security measures we take.

We actively foster a culture of security. As part of the development of new features and components, potential security issues are being analyzed and measures are taken. On this page, we provide an overview of gridX security measures and principles and dive into details of the respective components and how these security measures apply there. This page is not guaranteed to be a complete picture of all measures gridX applies as these are constantly evolving.


We adhere to industry best practices and we are working towards compliance certifications.

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Information Security Policy
Software Development Lifecycle
Information Security Roles
Security Incident Response Plan
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Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
Data Into System
Acceptable Use Policy
Access Control Policy
Asset Management Policy
Data Classification Policy
Data Security Policy
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Password Policy

Risk Profile

Data Access LevelRestricted
Impact LevelModerate
Recovery Time Objective24 hours
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Product Security

Audit Logging
Data Security
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We may provide security-related reports upon request.


We are working on our security compliance. We can provide completed questionnaires upon request.

Data Security

Access Monitoring
Backups Enabled
Data Erasure
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App Security

Responsible Disclosure
Bot Detection
Code Analysis
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Data Privacy

Data Breach Notifications
Data Into System
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Access Control

Data Access
Password Security


Status Monitoring
Amazon Web Services
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Endpoint Security

Disk Encryption
Endpoint Detection & Response
Mobile Device Management

Network Security

Security Information and Event Management
Virtual Private Cloud
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Corporate Security

Asset Management Practices
Email Protection
Employee Training
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Acceptable Use Policy
Access Control Policy
Asset Management Policy
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Security Grades

gridX Scorecard
Security Scorecard A grade
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Trust Center Updates

gridX is not impacted by the XZ Utils Backdoor

VulnerabilitiesCopy link

In response to the publication of CVE-2024-3094, commonly known as the "XZ Utils Backdoor", our security and infrastructure teams worked to assess whether gridX is impacted by such an issue.

While investigations of this issue are still ongoing, as of now, we found no evidence that the Linux distributions and the versions of libraries that are impacted, such as liblzma and xz, utilized within our cloud infrastructure and on our hardware are vulnerable.

Should we discover that gridX is impacted in any way, shape, or form, we will swiftly remediate this issue and contact any affected gridX partners, in accordance with our security incident response policy and plan.

Published at N/A

gridX is not affected by CVE-2023-22522 - RCE Confluence Server Vulnerabilities

SubprocessorsCopy link

This week one of our subprocessors, Atlassian, reported a critical vulnerability in their Confluence Data Center and Server services in versions between 4.x.x through 7.x.x and a number of 8.x.x versions.

At gridX, we utilize a few Atlassian services to keep a knowledge base and track our tasks and goals, the content of which may include some basic information about our customers but no personal data is stored there. Furthermore, "Atlassian Cloud sites are not affected by this vulnerability. If your Confluence site is accessed via an domain, it is hosted by Atlassian and is not vulnerable to this issue." That is, being a user of Atlassian Cloud, gridX and the Atlassian services it utilizes, are not affected by the aforementioned vulnerability.

Similarly, gridX is not affected by the more recent critical vulnerability, CVE-2023-22527, due to the same reasons mentioned above.

Published at N/A*

gridX is not affected by the New Relic breach

SubprocessorsCopy link

Given that a few of our subprocessors happen to be impacted by New Relic's recent breach, our security team started an investigation to assess whether any of our customers' data may have been impacted.

The result of this investigation was that no customer(-related) data was impacted by such an attack, which mainly impacted staging environments of New Relic on which data is stored that "provide visibility into how [New Relic's] customers are using New Relic and certain logs".

Published at N/A

gridX is Not Affected by the MOVEit Vulnerabilities

GeneralCopy link

The file transfer platform MOVEit was recently affected by two zero-day vulnerabilities, CVE-2023-34362 and CVE-2023-35036, that enabled un-authenticated attackers to gain unauthorized access to MOVEit Transfer's database.

The security team at gridX has investigated the matter and concluded that:

  • gridX does not utilize the MOVEit application or any other platforms that utilize it, such as Zellis.
  • Similarly, gridX's subprocessors do not utilize any of the platforms affected by the aforementioned vulnerabilities.
Published at N/A*

If you think you may have discovered a vulnerability, please send us a note.

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